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Terms & Conditions

Application and Registration process: Upon receiving your online registration you'll receive confirmation by email and the deposit ($650) will be due within 48 hours via PayPal. You must read, complete and sign the attached Application Form and Terms of Agreement and return them to Princess Prep via email or post within 10 working days. Final payment is due June 1st 2011.Upon receipt of final payment, you’ll receive a confirmation packet including travel and insurance information, waivers for outside contractors, a suggested reading list and packing requirements. Princess Prep is always available via phone or email to answer any questions.

Tuition and Terms of Payment: $325 of the $650 deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance of tuition is due June 1st 2011. PayPal accepts checks or credit cards for the $650 deposit. Final payment is due by mail to Princess Prep by check only; no credit cards are accepted for final payments. (Registrations after June 1st 2011 are to be paid in full within 10 days of online registration.) Overdue balances may result in forfeiture of your reserved space. Tuition includes all expenses once you have arrived in London.

Cancellation, Alteration and Return:

  • $325 of your deposit received before June 1st 2011 is refundable, $325 is non-refundable. Cancellations after June 1st 2011 result in losing 100% of your tuition
  • Princess Prep will not refund or reduce tuition for late or non-arrival, early withdrawal or participant cancellation for any cause;
  • Princess Prep reserves the right to cancel or alter any aspect of our program, including program itinerary, trip dates, activities or location, as a result of unforeseen circumstances, including weather, environment, or health hazards. If Princess Prep cancels a session, your tuition monies paid will be refunded in full, but Princess Prep will not be held responsible for fees associated with your cancelled travel reservations or equipment/clothing purchased for the trip (including non-refundable air tickets);
  • If a participant is dismissed or departs for any reason (including choosing to return home early from the program), no refunds can be granted, and parent/s are responsible for any and all costs of early departure, whether for medical reasons, personal emergencies or otherwise. These costs include, but may not be limited to: medical evacuation and costs, medical treatment, plane, train or other transportation costs or fares, meals, lodging, and expenses for Princess Prep staff who may accompany participant.
  • Costs and Insurance: Princess Prep is not responsible for (and Princess Prep's insurance will not cover) costs incurred, or tuition refunds due to trip delay, cancellation, interruption or early termination (as discussed above) of program, medical treatment or costs incurred from lost baggage, or lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. You are required to pay for unaccompanied minor tickets for flights to/from London as well as any baggage fees required by your air carrier. You are required to have medical/health insurance on your child that covers trips to the UK. We highly recommend that parent/s consider purchasing additional medical and trip cancellation and/or travel insurance to cover these costs and/or losses, as well as review their current insurance to fully understand their coverage.

    Princess Prep Behaviour & Expectations:

    • Participants must abide by Princess Prep's rules and policies.
    • Group travel involves compromises to accommodate diverse desires, physical abilities, and personalities of all group members. Princess Prep staff may be required to improvise and exercise discretion to make decisions that are intended to satisfy the desires of the larger group. Please understand that these decisions will not always please each individual.
    • Participants must be mentally prepared for life at Princess Prep before they arrive in London. These preparations include talking with your child about flying overseas, leaving home for 7 days and dealing with group dynamics. Girls are expected to arrive as willing participants with a commitment to staying for the entire session.
    • Princess Prep reserves the right to dismiss any participant from the program that staff believes, in their discretion, presents a safety concern or medical risk, is disruptive, or otherwise conducts herself in a manner detrimental to the program.
    • Equal Opportunity: Princess Prep provides equal opportunities to all, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability. However, Princess Prep staff are not trained to deal with participants who have severe mental, physical or emotional difficulties. We reserve the right to refuse admission to our programme in appropriate cases.

      Photo Permission/Release: Participants and parent/s authorize Princess Prep, and/or parties designated by Princess Prep, to use photos, videos, recordings and/or written statements which may include the participant or be taken of or by the participant, in any manner Princess Prep desires, for advertising, display or other use, without review of, or compensation to participant or parent/s.

      Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property: Princess Prep is not responsible for a participant's lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. In addition, Participants and their parent/s will be held responsible for damage to, or loss of Princess Prep property or equipment. This may include sharing in the group's collective responsibility for wilful equipment/property destruction or loss.

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